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Overview of gemstones


Agate is a beautiful gemstone known mainly in shades of gray. Another variety of colors agate gains thanks to the admixture of different chemical elements or other minerals. Agate is also possible to artificially dye ... Read more on page aimed at agate


Aquamarine is a gemstone pale blue to dark blue in color, sometimes green. Its color reminds us of the clear water of the sea. This mineral is beautifully translucent ... Read more on page focusing on aquamarine.


Amethyst is one of the most famous quartz. Typical is his purple. You can see the light amethyst purple to dark purple one. Amethyst can create ... Read more on page focusing on amethyst.


Aventurine gemstone is known in particular green color. It is also possible to see red, orange, blue and golden aventurine. For aventurine is typical its luster ... Read more on page aimed at aventurine.


Citrine quartz is rare for their low occurrence. Typical is its yellowish color and translucency. In some parts may be colored to brown. Citrine creates ... Read more on page aimed at citrine.


Gemstone fluorite can be seen in a myriad of colors. Clear fluorite is complete with various dopants and gets purple, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, red or brown color. The colors of fluorite ... Read more on page focusing on fluorite.


The gemstone garnet although it is known mostly in red color there are almost all colors except blue. The most admired however remains Czech garnet. It is but for financial reasons ... Read more on focusing on the garnet.


Hematite is an interesting gemstone predominantly dark colors. Hematite can be seen in black, brown, gray or red colors. It is opaque and polished acquires a metallic luster. Hematite is surprising ... Read more on page focusing on hematite.


Chalcedony is among all the known group of precious stones quartz. Chalcedony is known mainly in gray, white and blue colors of various shades. Read more on page aimed at chalcedony.


Jade has been always as the most important gemstone in the eastern world. Jade has been associated with the most recognized properties such a courage, wisdom, mercy, justice and modesty in China. Read more on page focusing on jade.


Amber is fossilized resin of conifers known mainly in golden color. Amber may have more colors and shades. Amber can be seen in color from yellow ... Read more on page focusing on amber.


Jasper abounds in many colors and create different shapes. It's possible to admire brown, yellow, red, white, gray or green color variants of jasper. Read more on page aimed at jasper.


Carnelian is a gemstone of red and orange color. Carnelian helps to find the right direction of those who do not know where to go and what activities to pursue ... Read more on page aimed at carnelian


Crystal is a variety of quartz crystal of clear color. It may also contain other rooted gemstone however. Especially tourmaline and rutile. Crystal creates crystals ... read more oriented to the crystal.


Labradorite is a gemstone of the feldspar group. A striking feature of this mineral is gray, bluish and greenish color with labradorizing ... Read more on page aimed at labradorite.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful gemstone symbolizing love, friendship and wisdom. Lapis lazuli can be seen in the light to dark blue color ... Read more on page focused on lapis lazuli.


Magnesite is matte mineral mainly of white-gray colors. Magnesite may be also brownish or yellowish color or be colorless. For its snow-white color ... Read more on page focusing on magnesite.


Malachite gemstone is typically of green color. Its alternating lighter and darker tones creates interesting patterns. For its beautiful color ... Read more on page focusing on malachite.


Moonstone is a mineral of bright almost white color. Its hues are also interesting. Moonstone can be lightly dyed with blue, orange, brown, yellow or green color. Read more on page aimed at moonstone.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is known gemstone of pink color. It is a quartz that looks beautiful in a raw form and also smoothed and polished ... Read more on page focusing on the rose quartz.